• $1/day
    The Locker Room webcast is for members of SNSD Bill Whittle’s hierarchy. It is a live feed of the Monday Morning Manager’s Meeting, and can be viewed live in HD quality on your phone, tablet or computer, or can be shown via projector to your entire office. This membership also includes full access to the recordings, as well as PowerPoint presentations when they are available. The cost for this is $50 per month and will renew automatically every month. Cancel by email 30 days in advance.
    We record in HD video SNSD Bill Whittle’s Locker Room Webcast held in front of a live audience of about 100 agents. These recording are uploaded to our secure website where you can watch the video or listen to the audio, and download any Powerpoints used during the broadcast. You also have access to our Special Training Room where specialized training videos are kept. Videos like the 90 Day Recruiting Blitz, Bill Whittle’s Goal Setting Blitz, and People Skills to name a few. Watch them on your phone, tablet or laptop at your convenience. The cost is $25.00 per month and will renew automatically every month
    Basic Access to Platform. No Access to the Live Broadcast or the Media Vault Recordings.
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